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>One of us was asking for a source of the little packages of salad
>dressing....I have no idea where to purchase them, but I was wondering if
>it would be possible to use some baby food jars, pimemto jars, caper jars
>or whatever instead.  That way you could make your own and in additon to
>controlling the fat, you would be avoiding the preservatives in the
>prepared stuff.  Just a thought.

Absolutely.  I kept wondering what the problem was.  But I suspect 
it was wanting to be able to purchase something, for convenience, 
probably when time or energy (like, I'm really feeling lazy today 
and offer no apologies for it) is tight.  And/or, they will fit 
in your purse.

Also, as you just suggested, Tupperware has all sizes and shapes of 
containers.  I have some of those little things that hold about 
an ounce, maybe two.  However, over time they do lose their fit 
and seal and one of the doggone things (haven't yet identified it, 
maybe more than one) leaks!

I think a new one wouldn't.

But I save jars until my garage shelves are full and overflowing.
I especially like those that I used to get artichoke hearts in. 
When Long's had them on sale for 79 cents I would buy a dozen 
jars and probably still have one or two in the cupboard.  That's 
a great size for salad dressing to bring to work for my lunch 
or to store left over salad dressing.  The little pimento jars 
(yuck!) would be perfect.  Don't fit in the purse worth a hoot,