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Whole Wheat Pasta and More

JoAnne, you bet your bippy those extruders will crank out whole wheat
flour pasta.  In fact, it will do so better than semolina!

You may need to expriment a bit with the proportions but I've had pretty
good luck doing one of the following:

2 cups of whole wheat (NOT graham) flour.
8 ounces of egg whites
or 12 ounces water

I "cheat" a bit by running the dough through a food processor first.  In
a matter of moments you can see the pea-sized dough form.

You can, of course, just use your machine to mix.  It's a tad slower,
but when we're talking about great-tasting pasta what's a few extra

You will find that the WW will extrude faster than the semolina because
there is nothing but whole wheat and moisture.

If you're going to dry the pasta for later use make sure to dry it well,
else just cook it up (cooks up very quickly).

WARNING:  If you use egg whites, be prepared to have a sudden foaming
(from the eggs cooking out of the pasta?)

Varieties:  Add some freshly cracked pepper and finely chopped basil or
maybe a little oregano into the pasta dough.  

One of my favorites is to really do a number on some sun-ripened
tomatoes (I run it through a small food processor to get it as finely
chopped as possible) and add some of that incredible flavor along with a
few pinches of oregano.

Sona bona (so GOOD).

Oh, make sure that you soak your die in very hot water and ignore the
advice about spraying it with oil.  I've never found it necessary, but
the soaking?  You bet!