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low fat veggie college students

Here is a suggestion that we came up with for my husband's business trips.
We bought a rice cooker and I made up "mixes" and packed into zip lock
bags.  Here are some that work well:

brown rice and red lentils, season as you wish, maybe chili powder, or
curry, add veggie broth mix for flavor and saltiness.

Bulgar wheat and tvp chili mix and dehydrated beans

white rice and dehydrated veggies and sun dried tomatoes (if you have a
fridge, add  some frozen mixed vegetables.)

for breakfast, you can cook mixed grain cereal in the rice cooker, add
raisins, dried mixed fruit, etc.

and on and on.

The cookers clean pretty easily after a few minutes soaking.

If you have a microwave, you can nuke a big potato and top with canned beans.
You can also cook rice in the nuker, but a rice cooker is much easier.
Potatoes store easily, you should be able to keep a few in your room.

Hopefully you will have a salad bar available in a cafeteria.  Look for a
club or group on campus with vegetarian interests, that may help, too.

Good luck and have fun.

Jan Gordon  <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cornell University
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Office for Research, Ag. Experiment Station
(607) 255-2552 Fax: 255-9499