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Portable salad dressing

Hi all,

Someone mentioned this at the end of the last digest, and I just want to
mention it again.  I have been carrying my own dressing around for a while
(I have my ff caesar with me today), since I HATE bottled/processed
dressing, most especially the commercial ff versions.  Even the non-fat
free ones add sugar, and to me, dressing should be sour/savory, not sweet.
What I do is carry one of those little rubbermaid containers; it holds
about 1/2 c.  My homemade dressings are mostly vinegar and spices, except
for my caesar, which is mainly egg-beaters, vinegar, worchesteshire sauce,
and teriaki sauce.  In fact, I'll post the recipe here.

1/4 c. egg replacer (never use egg whites due to samonella!)
basalmic vinegar to taste
fresh lemon or lime juice to taste
1 T. vegetarian Worchesteshire sauce
1 T. teriaki sauce 
1 T. ff parmesagn cheese (Kraft Free works well)
1 t. garlic powder (or to taste!)
1/4-1/2 t. freshly ground black pepper

Mix all ingredients together, pour over crisp romaine lettuce with ff

the measurements are approximate, since I just throw everything in a
plastic container and shake!  I also use more citrus juice than vinegar,
although the basalmic really adds a nice flavor.


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