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Whole Wheat and McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Plan

Bronwyn said:
> I saw some WHOLEWHEAT in the bulk bins at the supermarket today - how do
> you use it?  It looks alot like pearl barley and buckwheat groats - would I be
> right in using it the same way?

Yes, you may use it like any other whole grain. Cook it like rice and
serve it with fresh veggies and tomato sauce.  Yum!  Or, you can make a
breakfast cereal out of it.  Cook with cinnamon and water and enjoy.

Sue said:
> just started the McDougall Maximum weight loss plan and wondered if anyone
> that is on it could send me their hints and tips. Any good recipes? How long
> have you stuck to the plan? I'd love to hear from any of you! Thanks!

I've been on regular McDougall for quite a few months.  When I'm feeling
ambitious, I go on the MWLP.  Stick to WHOLE foods, not processed. 
Grains, beans, and low-cal veggies (tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, etc.)
are good.  For breakfast, I eat 12-grain cereal from Walnut Acres with a
dash of cinnamon.  For the munchies, try some hot air-popped popcorn (or
use a microwave popper with no oil); Walnut Acres sells organic popping
corn, in case anyone is interested.  Stay away from breads and processed
foods.  That's the hardest thing for me to do.  I love homemade bread. 
I've found that the minute I give up bread, my weight starts dropping. 
Since I like munching on bread, I do the MWLP for a few weeks at a time
then go back to the regular plan for a while.  It seems to help with the
motivation.  To any who may remember, my goal was to lose 71 pounds. 
Well, I've now lost **79** pounds with very little effort.  I now
realize that my original weight goal was too high.  I'll look like Susan
Powter one of these days!  ;-)

Sue, keep going; it's worth it.  You'll look and FEEL better.