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comments and questions

          First, to tell you all about the LOVELY time I had in
          Madison, WI.  I had never been there, and was there with my
          husband visiting a friend of his who just moved there.  Good
          veggie stuff all over the place, and accomodating people!
          Who needs expensive vacations when Madison is just a 2 hour
          drive from Chicago!  I hope I am this happy when I go on a
          cruise next week.  I am thinking of freeze-drying food or

          Ok, second thing.  My husband's friend was so kind as to
          barbeque hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken breast. But also had
          FF eggless potato salad (which was quite nice) and
          sauerkraut.  Now my dilemma.  I could not for the LIFE of me
          remember what was in sauerkraut.  I ate it as a kid, but my
          grandmother's always had sausage or ham or something so I
          never thought of it any other way.  The hostess did not make
          it so could not vouch for ingredients (she got it at a deli,
          no ingredients label).  Oh, how I longed for those caraway
          seeds, but I abstained.

          So, what is IN sauerkraut, and does anyone have a recipe?  I
          am now dying to make it!

          Oh, and I am sure caraway seeds get 150% of their calories
          from fat, put they are so potent I am sure I could just put
          in a bit and be okay....:-)