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Fazoli's, EAA

Has anyone tracked down the nutritional facts on Fazoli's tomato sauce? 
 (Fazoli's is a fast food style Italian place)   They assured me that it 
was vegetarian, and did offer a choice between the plain tomato and meat 
sauce for each dish.   I'm wondering if that was true, and what the fat 
numbers are.  I ended up in one during my trip to Oshkosh, literally 
buckling at the knees with hunger, and ended up ordering plain spaghetti 
with broccoli because I didn't want to wait for someone to find me the 
printed information.

Thanks to everyone who offered help with our trip to the EAA convention, I 
left before reading a couple of messages - we go early and skip the weekend 
crowds.   A word of advice to anyone going next year:  bring food to the 
airfield, the new open concessions do NOT offer anything vlf vegetarian 
except Italian ices.   The crowd there is very international and very 
"national", and did I ever hear snide comments about Midwestern dietary 
habits!  How embarrassing. (I'm not from Wisconsin, but I am from next-door 
in Michigan)   I feel like recruiting a healthy concessionaire myself! 
 Fortunately, Oshkosh has a more than full allotment of chain restaurants 
where you can find something in the evening - but pack a lunch.
Anne Cox