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Re; Amish Friendship Bread

I was given starter and the recipe for this a while back...When I made it,
I used applesauce instead of all that oil.  It did not turn out slimy.   In
fact, I have a cute little booklet somewheree of a wjole lot of different
recipes for using this starter.  If somone reminds me on Monday to look for
it, I'd be greatful.

As for drying tomatos, I believe you can slice them and sdry them in a slow
oven. Some where I have info on that too...remind me on Mon.....

Can anyione tell me if the recipes I sent for Waldorf salad and coleslaw
made it to this list?  I don't recall seeing them and they were terrific
receipes I really wanted to share with you.

Gloriamarie     gma@xxxxxxxx
In La Mesa, CA, 1 town east of San Diego where, hallelujah, we once againn
have ...sigh...perfect weather and a lovely breeze and not so darned hot!!