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Your opinionated chef is here!!

 I wrote something the other day about my love affair with tuna....I
> neglected to mentiion that one thing I do is rinse my tuna in running water
> to remove as much of the salt as possible...according to the label, my
> chunk light tuna packed in spring water is also packed in vegetable broth
> and salt, so I rinse rinse rinse!!
> >Chana Masala
> Kathy!!!  Thank you so much for this receipe.  Chana Masala is one of my
> very favorite Inidan receipes.  Also thank you for the inof about the
> Indian receipes fro a healthy heart cookbook.  I really do love this
> cuisine and I have been missing it!
> I want to warn you all that my post requesting information about how to
> reduce the fat level in Indian foods resulted in an unsolicited attempt to
> sell me low fat Indian food from someone who is on this list.  I have sent
> it to Michelle.  I, for one, do not appreciate unsolicited junkmail in any
> form.  My request was about how to cook it, not where to buy it.
> >>Also made the Vegan Feta Cheese and it was the best substitute for SAD food
> >I have ever had.
> I went to add the comments about how to reduce the fat content of this
> receipe and discovered that I did not have the receipe.  Would someone
> please post it to me privately at gma@xxxxxxxx??
> Thanks to all of you who continue to offer suugesstions for my friend's SAD
> (or as one of us put it, carnivore) hubby.  I am sending your suggestions
> to her.
> Went to a Grand Opening of a new supermarket here in La Mesa last week, an
> Albertson';s and they were handing out receipe cards.  Here is one of their
> self-published receipes I thought you al might like during the hot
> weathere.  I tried a sample of it and it was delicious
> Waldorf Salad
> Yoghurt dressing
> lemon juice
> 1 large unpeeled read eating apple, chopped
> spinach leaves or salad greens
> 1 stalk celery sliced
> 1 T chopped walnuts
> Prepare yoghurt dressing.  Sprinkly lemon juice over the apple. Arrange
> apple on greens.  Spoon dressing, sprinkle with celery and walnuts..they
> served it to us all mixed up, not artfully arranged. 4 servings.

> Yoghurt dressing:
> 2/3 C fat free plain youghurt
> 2 T fat free Mayo or salad dressing
> dash grd cinnamon.
> Mix. cover and chill at least 1 hour.
> nutrition info from the card says: 70 cal per serving, 2 gr fat,
> cholesterol 0 mg, 65 mg sodium, carbos 15 mg, protein 2 gr, dietary fiber 3
> g

Gloriamarie     gma@xxxxxxxx
In La Mesa, CA, 1 town east of San Diego where, hallelujah, we once againn
have ...sigh...perfect weather and a lovely breeze and not so darned hot!!