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Re: Nutritional Yeast and Nuts!!!

At 9:58 PM +0100 8/22/97, Maralyn wrote:

 * "Roasted Soynuts (lightly salted)
 * Enjoy by the handful as you would peanuts or any other nuts"

Maralyn, I have tried roasted soybeans,"Beanuts", sold by Dixie, and they are
wonderful! Unfortunately, they are not lowfat.

1 oz of Beanuts: 136 calories, 6 grams of fat; 40% CFF.

While that is high for a lowfat diet, they are a much better choice than
peanuts (or other nuts):

1 oz peanuts:  161 calories  14 grams fat: 72.5% CFF

We try to avoid eating the soy nuts by the handful, but we do occassionally add
them to trailmix, salads, and soups. The Beanuts are a good source of soy
protein (10 grams/oz), isolflavones (60 mg), and even fiber (5 grams/oz).
However, defatted soy products are still the better choice.

Ellen C.