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College Food

I agree with Victoria's comments regarding students gaining weight and
ruining their complexions when they head for college (I'm convinced
chocolate, bananas, eggs, grease= pimples, no matter what my dermatologist
says). Here at UCLA the students also eat quite unhealthy, mostly due to the
foods offered I think. I left the dorms due to the lack of decent foods
which failed to accommodate my healthy eating habits.
I had access to a kitchen in a special graduate dorm, but my food was always
missing from the fridge! 
Now I live about a mile and a half away from campus, and prefer to walk.
Although my situation was frustrating at first, I now find it beneficial.
The menu in the cafeterias consist of fried everything! and the only
'restaurant' is a Del Taco (or Taco Bell?!). The salad bar is always old,
with bugs hovering above...(it gets worse). The vending machine owners
selling candy bars must live in nearby Bel Air I'm convinced, because many
students sadly live off the junk- sometimes to relieve stress, which my
walking now takes care of. I don't have time to cook, so I usually chop
tomatoes and peppers, mix it in nf cottage cheese when I'm home, and take
raw veg. to school (boring) :-( 
But now I really appreciate the nf veg. foods my mom and grandmother used to
cook for me at home!