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College food

A couple of suggestions:

1.  Buy frozen veggie combinations at the grocery store.  (You probably won't have any
space for chopping veggies and very little room in the frig.)  Even thawed, these will last
several days.  The first day you could heat them in the hotpot and serve over rice, the
second day add some to (fake) chicken broth and add some pasta for a hearty soup,
the third day add to some low-fat ramen noodles for a lo-mein type of dish.  You get 
the idea... If you prepare them in different ways, you can eat the same veggies for 3 
days in a row and not get too bored with them.

2.  Grow alfalfa sprouts in your dorm room.  Takes about 4-5 days and will keep for a 
week or more in the frig.  Some sprouts, tomato and cucumber with some hummus in
a pita makes a hearty lunch.  I buy 8 ounces of sprouts for 2-3 dollars and this is enough
for > 50 batches of sprouts. One tablespoon makes a pint or more of sprouts. Very cheap,
very nutritious.

3. Other cheap, easy and non-perishable things:  pasta and tomato sauce, boxed macaroni 
and cheese made 
without adding the butter (need to check the fat content of the particular brand to see if
it meets your requirements), Fantastic foods dehydrated black beans (I"ve seen them 
for about $2.50, but these go a long way and don't go bad on the shelf) prepared and
used as a filling for tortillas with sprouts and tomato, instant mashed potatoes prepared
without butter.