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more resistance

          This is for Shelley, who asked how some of us deal with our
          SAD SO's.

          My husband is an on-again, off-again LF eater, but
          definitely not a vegetarian.  Often, what I am eating for a
          main dish is his side dish, and his has some sort of meat on
          the rest of his plate.  I do cook the meat for him when I
          cook, just as he makes sure to cook my portion to my liking
          when he cooks.  His eating has improved since we first got
          together (as has mine), but he choses not to make the leap
          to vegetarianism.  Its a two-way street.  I respect his
          desire to eat meat as he respects my desire not to.

          I am not saying YOU should cook meat for your SO, many
          people are veggies for social as well as health reasons, and
          if you are morally against it, I don't think you should
          compromise that for anyone.  But as health was really my
          issue when I changed my diet, we now both try to cook as
          healthy as possible using the foods we choose to enjoy...but
          maybe *I* am just a bit healthier..........;-)

          This is why, IMHO, Cooking Light is such a good magazine.  I
          find that many of their recipies can be split and adapted
          for both of us.  He gets the meat, I don't.  Neither of us
          get the added oil (I have never found it to be necessary in
          main dishes, side dishes, etc), and all is well.

          Good luck, and remember, there are so many more important
          things about a person than what they choose to eat!