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bread machines

This is for Shannon who wanted some info on bread machines.  I have a
Maxim's. bought it in Macy's Cellar for $59, quite a steal. I just love
it. It's just me (and the two kitties, but they don't like bread), so I
don't use it that often.  What I do lots of time is make a loaf for a
gift if someone has done something for me, but a whole gift is too much.
I can whip up a loaf of Salsa bread, or Lemon Poppy seed, or Anadama
bread.  Takes about 1 minute to plop the ingredients into the pan and
insert the paddle. The only drawbacks is that you have to remember it
takes 3 hours 20 minutes. Can't do it when you get home from work.

I made whole wheat pizza dough. What a hit that was! So terribly easy,
you'll want pizza every day. And no rolling out, just pat it in the pan.
I think that tood about 1 1/2 hours.  Buy bulk yeast for about $2 a
pound, it'll last for a year in the fridge.

I have 3 books for bread machines.  The salsa bread recipe was
outstanding.  If anyone has any really interesting recipes for the bread
machine, I would welcome a little recipe exchange.

Waiting to hear from you guys.

Susan Scatena