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Re: Mustard/Lowdown on Mustard

Kristin wrote:
>Intrigued by the other post claiming 3 grams of fat for mustard 
>/tablespoon, I got out my book of food values.  Both Grey Poupon and 
>French's Dijon mustard have 1 gram of fat/ tbsp, but I couldn't find any 
>listing that came anywhere near 3 grams.

        There have got to be discrepancies between books, then - that's
exactly where I got my info, too.  Granted, my book is three years old
(after flipping to the first page and checking).  For those interested (or
if anyone's got a newer edition of the same book and can check if the
listing for Dijon has changed) it's "The Complete Book of Food Counts" by
Corrine T. Netzer.  Perhaps French's changed their Dijon mustard, but the
book shows 1 gram of fat per teaspoon (at 8 calories) for French's, and 1
gram of fat per tablespoon (at 18 calories) for Grey Poupon.  
        Canadian jars of French's Dijon have no breakdown for food values,
so I've avoided the product.  Frankly, I'd recommend the same to others,
since a listing of ingredients is not particularly informative with neither
quantities nor breakdowns included.  I don't even know if it's the identical
product in our differing markets.

>Mustard has long been touted as a fat-free condiment. 

        I don't know about American labelling, but up here it isn't hailed
that way if it has fat in it (regardless of the amount of fat per serving
size, which seems irrelevant in claims of something containing *no* fat).
Mustard seeds have fat (as you've said), as does mustard powder.

>it still only come out to 
>just under 2 grams (as there are 4 teaspoons in a tablespoon).

        There are three teaspoons in a tablespoon.

        If the listing in the book is wrong, or outdated - my sincere
apologies to the list.  My point was to read labels, not to presume anything
was fat free, and - still, after that - not to be afraid of using prepared
mustard in recipes.  The recipe posted was extremely low in fat.