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re: Uncheese Cookbook

Leah wrote:
>I don't remember who posted the information about this book, but there
>was a slight error.  All of the recipes in the book are vegan.  They are
>not, however, all FF, VLF or even low-fat (I have the book at home). 
>HOwever, for a special occassion they could easily be used sparingly and
>many of the recipes are acceptable to someone who is following a very
>low fat diet.

        Thanks for pointing out that it is, indeed, a vegan recipe book.  To
be fair, the author gives options for lowering the fat in almost all of the
recipes... and quite a few of the higher-fat recipes are actually
ingredients rather than main attractions (for example, the cheeses
themselves, and mayo, sauces, etc.)  All told, I've had very little problem
adapting the book's fare to my palette and fat restrictions (which stand at
10 - 15% cff right now).
        As a vegan I relish having some of my old lacto-ovo recipes back
again, with the help of the cheeses in the book, and I love being able to
make some of the lacto-ovo recipes that are posted to lists, seen on TV, and
printed in magazines and cookery books.  Having this kind of variety
available to me again has been a real morale-booster (not every vegan is big
on analogues, granted, and I can live without them, but having a nice, wide
range of choices is never a bad thing).  I also savour being able to make
the foods my parents and grandparents taught me to make, traditional foods
for our culture, and feel 'connected' as a result.
        Anyway, the book's great.