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The Lowdown on Mustard

A reader mentioned in her recipe that "Mustard is loaded
with fat." I presume she meant prepared mustard with
added oil. 

Here's the lowdown on mustard according to the table
at the end of Dean Ornish's list of food values:

Mustard, prepared, yellow:

1 tsp  5 gms
4 calories
0.3g carbohydrate
0.2 gms protein
0.2 gms fat
0 gms saturated fat
0 gms monofat
0.2 gms polyfat
0 gms cholesterol 
63 mgs. sodium

My point: prepared mustard (without added oil) is not
loaded with fat. It does have added sodium however,
but not an extreme amount if eaten in reasonable

We all need to read labels. I have posted items that
were not quite factually correct in the past and 
if you could see me blush, you'd see a really
red face. Now I hope this straightens everyone

Mike Rosenblatt