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Friends continued

I really enjoyed a bunch of posts on the "friends"
issue recently. Bev says I should just tell our friends
about my health issues to shut them up once and for all.
She also does this with restaurant personnel, and it 
does seem to work out better. Actually I did this
once at a restaurant in California when I was out with
only my family--and it did work out better. The waitperson,
who was very competent, did try very hard to get me a VLF
choice. I tipped him generously. 

Gloriamarie had some nice private posts suggesting much
of the same thing--and that it is difficult to find friends
even if one is a SAD eater. I'd agree with both. 

Ellen suggests bringing your own dressing for dry salads.
That's a weightwatcher's suggestion and a very good one.
Actually I do do this occassionally, and should do it more.

Some others have suggested contacting the various support
groups that mirror one's particular health problems. I 
think there will be more of them, don't you...after all
most Americans still eat SAD severely and will come down
with the various problems SAD eaters are prone. I obtained
a news letter from a local HFS co-operative that has 
cooking classes in VLF and veggie foods. I think it is
time to attend some of them to learn some interesting
new cooking ideas, as well as meet other people of the
same mind.

I'd also like to start an "uncheese" string on this
group--so if you have any "uncheese" recipes, please
post them. I might consider purchasing the uncheese
cook book talked about here often, but the 
penurious personality in me objects to paying for
a recipe book with hundreds of thousands of recipes
available on the Internet. Agreed??

Thanks for your great posts. 

Mike Rosenblatt