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FF cookies/stuck on SAD tastes/doc

For Sheila,
You can use applesauce in place of shortening in many cookie recipes.  In fact, 
Sunsweet's Lighter Bake has a chocolate chip cookie recipe on pamphlet that 
comes with the product.  Remeber your chocolate chips willhave plenty of fat in 
them, tho.

For Jean,
Stuck on that SAD taste and don't like the old squash standby recipes - there 
is a whole world open to you.  Try grains.  I bake them with tomato sauce, 
steam them with spices, add the common veggies like carrots and peas and corn.  
Make polenta, add some ff or lf parmesan, and top with pizza fixings - double 
the sauce, cut down on the pizza cheeses.  Bake 'til hot.  Consider pasta, 
without a lot of cheese.  Sauce it up, or dress it nicely with dressings that 
don't contain a lot of oil.  Also, the was a very nice rice salad posted a few 
digests ago, use variations of that theme and have delicious one-dish meals.  
One of my favorites is wehani (red rice) steamed with some savory, topped with 
a ff white sauce and steamed peas, carrots, snowpea pods and corn.  The white 
sauce makes it seem heavier.  I follow that with a dessert of melon and I'm 

For XhyacinthX,
The doctor who suggested that grandpa cut out the spinach was likely thinking 
of canned veggies which are loaded with salt.  If Grandpa mentioned canned 
goods as the main source of veggies, the doc may have decided that grandpa and 
grandma are not likely to clean their own fresh veggies, and less sodium was 
more important than more fiber, so go with the dead cows.  Nasty, but it may 
have just been a to try to take care of the immediate and most pressing 
problem.  Ick.