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In response to the postings about vegetarians in college:
     I first became a vegetarian in college. I lived in a dorm where it
seemed like half the residents were vegetarians, and eating meals with them
in the cafeteria on a regular basis definitely had its influence. The
cafeteria was also fairly accommodating of the vegetarian menu. There was
always at least one main vegetarian entree in addition to lots of vegetables
and the standard salad bar. It wasn't the best food, but to be honest the
quality of the meat in the dorm was enough by itself to turn me off to it
forever. The presentation of alternatives also made it easier. (My college
was in a town that is fairly vegetarian friendly-so restaraunts with veg.
menus and health food stores were also an option). I always assumed most
college towns were the same-veggie friendly that is. I hope Orianna and
Jenny have the same good experience.