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Mike Rosenblatt

Hah!  Told you so <big grin>.

Don't be too disappointed if the support groups "don't get it," either.

I regularly eat with survivors of the Stupid Amrican Dieet and they're
slurpping up their usual 50 to 60% of calories from fat and gobbling
down those m**t burgers as if they'd never seen one.

Many support groups, in order to increase membership, meet in
restaurants.  As long as I don't get someone next to me eating French
fries I'm generally okay.  I have been known to actually say, "Gosh,
Tom, I'm sorry, but the smell of those things are making me ill."  Then
I find the next available place around the table.

While going through cardiac rehab (after open-heart surgery) one guy
said, during the support group part of the rehab session, "My doctor
told me that I can't eat red m**t anymore.  I told him I'd rather die
than give it up."

He did.  Die, that is.  It took about a year, but he keeled over and
died.  His "new" arteries were clogged with blood mud.  None of us
attended his funeral.  That was an out-and-out suicide.

Warm fuzzies...Bev