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RE: starving college veggie

Hi Oriana

> hi! my name is oriana and i've been lurking on this mailing list for a few
> months and i love it!! this will be my first contribution, actually it's more
> of a question.  i'm starting college in a few weeks at rutgers university.
> i've been a vlf veggie since january and i love it; but i've grown
> accostomed to my local health food store, as well as my own mix master and
> stove.  needless to say, i won't have these creature comforts in my dorm
> room.  so, i'm wondering if anyone from new brunswick of piscataway, nj can
> reccomend good places to shop or eat out (cheaply, if possable) in the area.
> also, if anyone has any tips in general for surviving college as a

> vegetarian, not to mention how to not gain the dreaded "freshman 15."  i love

I doubt you'll have to worry about this if you stick to the vlf diet.  When I was
a freshman, I didn't eat vlf (or SAD for that matter), but my mother is a chef so
I'm *extremely* particular about what I consider edible...needless to say the
dorm food wasn't.  All I ate was from the salad bar and cup o' soups, couldn't
afford to eat out which was probably good.  I went from 118 lbs to 103 lbs that
semester, not necessarily a good thing for someone who is 5'5".  I always joke
that I lost the "freshman 15"!  Anyway, definately rent a refrigerator for your
dorm room.  I think we got ours back then for $50 for the semester and I shared
the cost with my roommate.  This way you can at least keep *some* stuff.  Making
salads with beans and veggies will require minimal work and will be filling.
Also take a microwave with you.  You can do baked potatoes in that and soups.

I think most people going off to school gain wait because the dorm food is all
you can eat, so they do.  Also make sure you walk to all your classes.  Then
you'll at least get some exercise if you don't have time for anything else.

Good luck!  Let me know if you have anymore questions.



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