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FF bay area get together? & RE Dining with SAD Friends

Hi Shelley-

  I have had the same problem you do as far as going out with friends,
my bill being much cheaper but everyone splitting the bill.  What I do
now is I reach for the bill fairly quickly, calculate my portion, and
plop the money in the middle.  Everyone usually does the same.  Or if
someone suggests splitting evenly, I usually say something.  The way I
see it, a real friend won't mind.  The only time that I have a problem
with this is a work lunch.  For instance one time we had a going away
lunch for a friend at this horrible "mexican" restaurant that had
nothing I wanted to eat.  I ended up paying $12 for lettuce with a
couple of tomatoes on it!  I didn't want to make the person leaving feel
badly, so I didn't say anything.  But ever since then I either skip
lunches like these that I know will be split evenly, or I eat beforehand
and don't order anything. Somehow people understand not wanting to pay
more better than they understand our diets ;-)

A few months ago, the suggestion was made for a get together at Miyake's
in Palo Alto.  For those of you who don't know, it's a sushi place with
lots of great veggie sushi.  Somehow this got dropped.  I was wondering
if anyone is still interested.  Let me know and I'll set something up if
there is enough interest.



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