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college veggie

I never went to college (shame on me, I regret it on a regular basis),
but my sister is currently attending Ohio State University.  From
visiting her (and other friends in college towns), I found that most
college areas have co-ops and/or health food stores ... vegetarianism,
and especially veganism, are far more common and, I guess, "acceptable"
on campus than in the rest of our lives.  Hope you find one easily. 
Also, whenever I would move to a new area, I would go for walks to try
and find things tucked in a corner (like a co-op or hfs which probably
won't have a huge sign advertising what they are).  For example, by my
sis's place, there is a HFS setup in the basement of a church which
strictly sells vegetarian and vegan products and are geared toward
studens pricing wise.  Best of luck and keep us posted!!!

Leah in Cleveland