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Recipes for Coleslaw and Hash Brown Potatoes

I would like a recipe for coleslaw that is FF.  I am a Southerner and absolutely
love coleslaw made with real mayo and vinegar and sugar.  I tried a mixture of
red wine and cider vinegar and dijon mustard the other night and added some
sugar and it was pretty good.  I prefer a vegan recipe and think I could get
used to the vinaigrette type dressing.  Does anyone have a really good recipe?

Also, have thought for quite some time that the loose hash brown potatoes that
come frozen in a bag are a wonderful recipe ingredient.  There must be lots of
ways they could be used in ff vegan recipes.  Do any of you do yummy things with
these potatoes.  I usually just pan "fry" them dry the McDougall way, but bet
they would be good in casseroles.  Any ideas?