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Re: Friends continued

At 09:46 AM 7/31/97, Michael M. Rosenblatt wrote:
>I'd also like to start an "uncheese" string on this group--so if you have
any "uncheese" >recipes, please post them. 

I'll second that!  Cheese is my main weakness.  And those fatfree cheeses
just don't taste right, so I figure I might as well learn to live without it.

>I might consider purchasing the uncheese cook book talked about here often,
but the 
>penurious personality in me objects to paying for a recipe book with
hundreds of >thousands of recipes available on the Internet. Agreed??

<giggle> Same here.  I'm just too cheap to buy something when I can get it
for free. ;)
Plus, we can weed out the ones that don't work, because people are more
likely to post thier personal favorites than they are to post the ones that
don't taste good.

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