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Friends and FF

You wrote:
<We have gone through friends like SAD eaters go through
chocolate chips. Mind you, they still talk to us, but
we just don't go to restaurants together or eat at their
homes anymore--so it is much less often. These are nice
people, but our eating has just been too hard on them.>

I'm finding that you don't actually have to go to a restaurant w/ people to
ruffle their feathers. LOL I'm on another mailing list that is all women
and is an Art & Fiber list.  It is real relaxed and small and turns into
more of a women's discussion group. I can clearly see that when we get on
the discussion of foods, weight & exercise, that I clearly offend most of
these ladies by not eating fats and exercising 6 days of the week.  Now
mind you they would all like to lose weight, but seemingly are unwilling to
do a thing about it.  And, attack me and my lifestyle because I do. BTW,
can any of you recommend a good fitness/exercise mailing list?  Maybe I
would be safer there? LOL
Nancy Allen