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Michael Rosenblatt's Lament

Blast it all, Michael, let your friends know about your blocked arteries
and the health problems you have sufferered as a result of slurping all
that blood mud over the years.

You sound like an "in your face" kind of person. I like that 'cause I'm
an "in your face" woman who cares enough to let others know that their
SADistic ways are killing them.

Success?  Maybe I reach 2% of the people with whom I speak.  Hey, 2 out
of 100 ain't bad!  If you and I and other's on FF simply say, "I can't
eat what you think you can because I have serious, life-threatening
arterial and vascular problems which nearly cost me my life" they will
"listen up" and back off.

I eat at restaurants several times a month now at stroke and epilepsy
groups. The waitpersons don't even ask me what I will have,  they bring
me what steamed veggies they have available with NO FAT added.  They
have even gotten to the point where they proudly point out, "See, Bev,
no cheese on the potato!"

Do I have to make speeches about what I'm eating?  Nope.  The blood mud
group sees what I'm doing and ASK me about it.  THAT is a license to
talk about it briefly.

"I've had two heart attacks, open heart surgery, a carotid
endarterectomy, and a massive hemorrhagic stoke.  I now have aphasia,
epilepsy, and dystonia. By eating this way I have REVERSED my coronary
artery disease and am opening my carotid artery."

Then I shut up!

I don't tell them what they should eat or not eat (and they're usually
slurping up every SAD meal in the joint).  But by silent example and an
obvious relish for what I am eating (and it IS good) I have "converted" 

It takes 15 seconds to summarize whatever your health problems are.  By
being silent about what brought about your health problems your are
perhaps causing a friend to prematurely die.

But I completely respect your right to keep your health conditions to
yourself.  If they haven't learned by now . . . maybe after their first
heat attack or stroke (if they survive) they may ask you.

Be in good health my friend.  I salute you!