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Unidentified subject!

I'm with Cyn on the foodie thing.  I love food, but luckily I love steamed
veges and nice breads, or a Thai hot and sour (clear) soup, or cheeseless
pizza, or (last night) a fantastic fajita (blackbeans adn capsicum, sprouts,
salad, hot salsa!).  I eat out alot, and believe me, New Zealand is far less
oriented to fat-free or low fat than the States is.  We can't get low fat
cheeses here or baked potato chips, or much in the way of egg substitutes.  And
there is no fast food places that are lf at all.  McDonalds for example (which
I think is gross anyway) is other places has lower fat choices.  Not so here. 
My friends just know that I hate fast food because I am a foodie so we don't go
to places like that!  I used to sulk at restaurants but now I know how
uncomfortable it makes people and I can make do without standing out.  I went
out for lunch the other day with some work friends and asked if the pumpkin
soup had dairy in it (easier than saying is it low fat and having people look
at you funny - it is acceptable to not eat dairy), adn they said no.  I came
loaded with cream so I sent it back (I had asked) and they got me a vege bap
and gave me a full refund!)   Since I had asked the friends just said good on
you and maybe they should do that and get a free lunch too.  End of topic. 
Don't let you eating lose you friends.