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pasta/agar/SAD friends

Wow!  I am overwhelmed by all the soup recipes Gloriamarie sent us!  Thanks!

For the person looking for pasta sans tomato sauce, here's a simple one: toss
your choice of pasta with lightly steamed broccoli florets and some garlic
(to taste) which has been sauteed in your choice of stock, water, lightly
sprayed pan...  non-vegans can top this with ff parmesan.  simple and

I have a number of recipes using agar agar for fruit kantens and fruit pies,
if anyone's interested.  Let me know.

For everyone who's struggling with how to still eat with friends who don't
share your diet, I want to mention that I'm going to a retreat lodge in
beautiful Western Massachusetts this weekend (please don't let it rain!) with
14 friends, and one of the things I am looking forward to the most is the
wonderful food we will prepare and eat together. All vegetarian, mostly
vegan, mostly healthy :).  Maybe it's a generational thing, or maybe a big
city thing, I don't know, but everyone I know is very veg-friendly.  The ones
who are SAD eaters are also happy to eat my way, AND THEY ENJOY IT!.  They
know I'm a good cook, and look forward to my meals, even if it isn't
something that they would prepare for themselves.  All this to say that there
is hope.  As someone else said, if you lose friends over your diet, then they
weren't really friends worth keeping!