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          I feel sorry that Mike has lost so many of his friends, and
          wholeheartedly agree with Cynthia.  I went through alot of
          my friends thinking "Is Tiffany going to make a fuss in
          the restuarant tonight?  We can't go to [fill in restaurant
          here] because Tiffany can't eat anything.  Oh, if we invite
          Tiffany over we will have to make something SPECIAL."

          I think alot of these perceptions were MY fault as well as
          theirs.  I was a big m**t eater and had to be VERY strict
          with myself originally because it was too difficult to be
          around all those other foods and not eat them.  And, I too
          am a foodie and therefore eating is an experience, not just
          a source of nourishment.  So, I became unconfortable in
          situations with friends, and they noticed and became
          uncomfortable, and so on.

          But in time, when the cravings stopped, I had to take
          responsibilty for eating and not place the burden on my
          friends.  I often bring my own food to social gatherings
          (which eveyone else usually nibbles in to!) and if I can't
          eat at a restaurant, I don't.  And the friends that have
          hung around (some are gone, I must admit) are comfortable
          with that, because *I* am comfortable with that.

          Good luck to those who are dealing with "friends" who value
          your desire to eat m**t over your other qualities.