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Re: Peanut butter, sorta

This is definitely NOT a vlf food, but there have been a couple of posts from
peanut butter lovers or people who are trying to move their loved ones in the
direction of lower and lower-fat diets.  For this purpose, I tried something
I ran across in Prevention.  It's not exactly the real thing, but it's a help
for those of us who can't find defatted.  

Drain and rinse a 15oz can of small white beans and smash with a fork.  (I
found the back of a spoon to be more efficient AND great therapy.)
 Thoroughly mix in 2T peanut butter (just one regular serving!) and store in

I figure this reduces the calories by about 2/3 and the fat content per
serving by about 80%.  The taste is milder and the texture very thick but if
you put it in a sandwich it's not as noticeable.  Still too high for LF
purposes, but a step in the right direction for the SADists we love.