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Friends and food

I have been following some of the discussion on losing friends due to eating
habits. I find this sad and agree that maybe some of the "friends " werent
really true friends.

I am not a strict vegetarian, so I dont have problems when I eat out. I do
however, have friends who have special diets (one friend is Diabetic)  and
who are strict Vegans. I always invite them whenever I invite other guests
for things. I always fix something special for them to eat and will call and
ask for suggestions. I have found that some of the suggestions are very
popular with the "non-fatfree" eaters. 

Another thing I do when eating at a friends or at a restaurant is to just
not make a big deal out of it. I just order best as I can, take out as much
fat as I can and dont eat what I dont want to eat. If someone mentions it,
just say you arent hungry or you are "on a diet".

Good luck to all
      Check  it out!!