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Karen Lim writes:

<I didn't dare to eat breakfast at all today, coz I had an important
<tutorial... so I didn't get to eat until 1pm, and by the time I ate
<lunch... which was a sandwich, I was weak in the knees for the next few
<Must I really go back to a low carb, high fat, loads of m**t diet??

A number of days I am very busy at work and don't have time to get carbs
and protien in me in a nice sit down meal. What I do in order too keep me
going is Carry in my pocket a bag of dried fruits that I can nibble on
through out the day and I get loads of carbs. For protien I bring some
protien powder and it only takes a second to mix it in an ounce of water
and down the hatch. another thing is if you have a fridge it only takes
seconds to put back 1/2 cup of cottage cheese for protien. A couple of
dried figs will give you allot of carbs.