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Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions, recipes, and cookbook
recommendations for sugar-free desserts. That should help a lot.

When I go out to eat and order a salad, if they don't have ff salad dressings
(and they usually don't), I ask for vinegar or some slices of lemon and that's
very tasty. I actually prefer balsamic vinegar to most ff salad dressings!

Sandwich suggestion: From this list I learned how to roast red peppers and
that has become one of my favorite sandwich ingredients, especially in the
time of year when they're cheaper than usual. It's great to combine it with
other roasted veggies, particular eggplant. But my favorite sandwich of late
is some delicious bread spread with either baba ghanouj or hummus, then some
roasted red pepper and a thin slice of red onion. Can also add sprouts if you
like. Yum!

Has anyone read John Robbins' first book - is it _Diet for a New America_ or
am I getting confused? This was the book that made a vegan out of me. It's
also the place I first read about how not only do we not really need much
protein, but excess protein is actually not very good for you, causing among
other things osteoporosis. McDougall's book also supports this claim.

Re: part-time McDougalling: I often go off McDougall a bit on the weekends and
I continue to lose weight, albeit not as rapidly. I do exercise a tremendous
amount however.

Thanks for everyone's great ideas and suggestions - this is a great list!

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz