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Airline food and dining with friends

I just returned from a short vacation.  I'd requested a "pure
vegetarian" meal ahead of time from the airline  My "going" flight meal
was a tomato and cucumber sandwich on a whole wheat pita.  It was
great!  I was also given a bag of baked tortilla chips.  This looked
MUCH better than the turkey and roast beef sandwiches and fritos that
other passengers got.  On the "return" flight, I was disappointed and
surprised to see that there were 2 layers of cream cheese slathered in
my sandwich.  {sigh}  It's a good thing I carried some McDougall soup
cups and pretzels with me!  I just asked for some hot water and ate my
soup.  I plan on writing Delta Airlines a letter about the cream
cheese.  I was told that the "pure vegetarian" meal would be vegan.

As for dining out with friends, I agree that it can be difficult but if
you handle it with dignity and maturity, it can go well.  My trip was to
attend an extended family reunion, involving lots of eating.  I ate
cereal cups in my hotel room before meeting family.  For dinner, I
usually ate dry salad and a baked potato.  These always seem to be
available.  I did get comments and questions about my diet.  I tried not
to make an issue of it since they were mostly SAD eaters.  I answered
their questions nicely then moved on to another topic.  It can be done;
just make sure you have munchies with you at all times.