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Harvest Direct's phone number, Dixie

I'm sorry it took so long for me to get this to you all.  My home computer's
not working and I left the Harvest Direct number at home, so I didn't have it
to post until today.  It's 1-800-835-2867.

I asked for a catalog from them on 7/29 and haven't received that one yet,
either.  (I hope it's not hung up at UPS along with my order!!!)  As I
recall, it did take about a month for my Dixie catalog to arrive, too.
 They're working on being able to order off the web, so even if you're not
brave enough to do that you'll at least be able to look through the
cybercatalog and then call in.  So smart of them to get the number as
1-800-BEEFNOT - that's one you can't leave at home!

As far as their products, I'm one of those cooks who takes 2-3 times as long
as any recipe says I should, so my chicken not! was timely rehydrated with
highly flavored broth but steamed to death by the time I got around to using
it (which goes along with both Michael's and Bev's thoughts).  My SAD boys
approved it, which is really saying something.  I did shake'n'bake (for the
kids) and stirfry with the chunks and made spaghetti sauce and chili with the
ground beef not! but it was much better the next day, like Bev's.  It got a
reluctant thumbs up the first time around and a smile the second.  I am
definitely planning to try the meatloaf/burger mixes next time.