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Thanks a lot!

     To all of you wonderful folks who replied to my query about "car 
     food", thank you so much!  I've got so many ideas, now, I'm sure the 
     trip will be a lot easier.  Now, I have one more question:  Does any 
     one know of a catalog from which I can order dairy free (soy or rice) 
     cheese?  I received one such catalog in the mail many moons ago, but I 
     threw it away, as there was a wonderful HFS in my neighborhood that 
     sold a wide variety of vegan products.  That store has recently closed 
     down, and I find myself in need of another source. You may e-mail me 
     privately, if you'd like.  Also, to Ann, who wondered whether all Boca 
     Burgers are as delicious as the garlic variety:  The answer is YES!  
     The "plain" ones are fantastic and don't require any additional 
     seasoning.  They are wonderful on the grill, as well.