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Mangos, the easy way

This is the fisrt time that I've ever heard of anyone having an allergic
reaction to mangos. It might be from the part of the world in which the
thing is grown or how well it was washed?  Or maybe I've just been very

In any case, peeling them is a bit like trying to peel an avacado: don't
do it.

We like to take a sharp knife and cut all around the perimeter of the
fruit, then carefully cut around the seed. Once the seed is removed,
score the flesh one way, then the other. Then turn the skin inside out.
And there you are presented with cubes which you can cut off and eat. 
Now if you're from the south, you might want to eat the cubes over the
"Dixie Napkin," along with the remnants of the pit. 

Uhhh, the Dixi WHAT? Y'all up North call it a sink.

Grins...and pass the next mango, please...Bev