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Asian Supermarket finds

I have discovered some VLF, Very delicious veggie foods at an Asian supermarket
here in
<BR>New Jersey. Check out your local grocery or supermarket, if there is
one near by. Here are some of the good catches I discovered:

<P>Vegetarian Duck meat by Water Lilies Food, Inc. (you would not know
if was not a real bird)
<BR>it actually has the same consistency and skin. I had to look for feathers!

<P>Vegitarian Tempura Bars by Water Lilies
<BR>Taro powder, Veggies, Mushrooms, salt

<P>Veggie dumplings- delicious in your steamer- a must have- very cheap
<BR>I like to dip in BBQ sauce too

<P>Kim Chee- Korean salted pickled spicy vegetables- mainly cabbage, radish,
<BR>ginger, scallion, red pepper, salt, sugar
<BR>**some have anchovy paste though**
<BR>VERY VERY spicy hot, but great with rice to kill the heat

<P>Many types and flavors of tofu- more than I ever imagined
<BR>I like the spiced dry tofu patties grilled

<P>Are there any other products or suggestions that I can find there? If
anyone needs me to scan any
<BR>labels, I can email them to you or put it up on my site for view by
<BR>Happy hunting (or should I say gathering),
<BR>Michael from New Joisey</HTML>