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Alan in 97/172

Alan, there are times when a portabela, as wonderful as they are (and
they ARE) just won't do the truck.

I find portabellas to be too moist (but delicious), particulary for a
friends who are SADists and want something a bit more traditional...like
what only a boca burger can provide.

And before folks get teh idea that I am stuck on Bocas, I love veggie
burgers of my own concoction.

Ever try brown rice as a base, Ener-G egg replacer, then onions, yellow
squash, zucchini, green/yellow/red peppers....sheer heaven.  I will
admit that a touch of tamari and I'm in 7th heaven.  I hold it all
together with either oatmeal or matzoh meal and let the patties firm in
the 'fridge for a few hours.

Then there is the magic of miso added at the last moment instead of

HELP, my mouth is watering, I hope I don't short out my keyboard!