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Dixie Diner Nots!

Only having tried the Beef Not! and Chicken Not! I hesitate
to write any kind of expert opinion but
I think Dixie errs in trying to make "fast foods" of these
products.  I made them both as suggested,in
reconstituting and in time limits, and found the texture
fake and nasty.  BUT, if you cook them slowly,
longer, or if they "sit" overnight in the fridge in liquid,
you really are hard pressed to tell them from
the real thing.  I know I will be ordering a winter's
supply!  Two recipes I used:

Beef Not! Chili-

Reconstitute 1 cup of Beef Not! Chunks in Broth, or Tomato
Juice, adding onions, chopped.
Heat as directed.
Add 1 can tomatos and juice, cut up
Add 1 can corn, drained
Add 1 can Kuner's Chili Spiced Black Beans or other Chili
Bring this to a boil, then simmer slowly for an hour or
longer, adding bits of liquid as needed. If
you want, refrigerate this, and serve it the next day, it
will be excellent. Serve over rice, if it suits
you and you will find the most dedicated b**f eater can't
tell the difference.

Not Chicken Salad-

I Cup Chicken Not chunks, reconstituted with 1 C. veggie
broth, chopped onion, 1 tsp of 
poultry seasoning.
Simmer this for an hour or so, then refrigerate it
Drain with paper towells, getting liquids out, chop Chicken
Not! chunks on cutting board, add
2 ribs of chopped celery, whatever else you like in chicken
salad, ff mayo, curry, whatever.  It
will be great.

I can also see the Chicken Not! in a pot pie with veggies,
poultry seasoning and a cornmeal

If you try these products after slow cooking in liquids, I
think you will be as sold as I am on

No vested interest,

Jo in Minnesota

Jo in Minnesota
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