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Canteloupe "ice cream" and Dixie Diner

Over the years I've seen recipes for sherberts and frozen desserts using
canteloupe, but I never paid attention since I don't really like cantaloupe.
However, we now have a *lot* of cantaloupe and I'm having a tough time
finding good recipes other than fruit salads (my husband, the cantaloupe
lover, burned out on the raw fruit!).  I've searched the archives and the
web with little success . . . any great recipes you can share?

Related question:  Didn't someone once post a cantaloupe smoothie recipe
(with OJ?) especially intended for non-melon lovers?  If you're out there,
will you share again?

And finally, I'm glad someone else asked about Dixie Diner's promptness in
sending catalogs.  I've asked at least three times in the last 6 months and
still haven't received a catalog.  I, too, hope to eventually receive one
and try out a number of recipes I've seen lately.

Thanks for any help on the cantaloupe question!!!