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Reply to Mike in Restaurants

Mike, your friend ain't.

I eat regularly with friends who know of my special needs.  When I
return food because it was unnecessarily spritzed with fat, I don't make
a big deal of it anymore, I just ask for my bill for the cup of decaf

Then that's all I have.

SADistic eaters don't realize OR CARE that they may or may not be
killing themselves with their mouths.  We do.

Recently afer being assured that the vegetables were only steamed I took
one bite, tasted the fat, and told the wait person to remove it and
either bring me something that was fat-free or bring me the bill for the

They think that steamed means steamed and butter added!

It's not worth getting upset about.  I always carry fruit in the truck
(I have a pickup truck so I can lift my Jazzy).  I sit with friends,
then eat in the truck.

It's a shame that it's almost impossible to eat in a fatatorium and not
be able to get a true NON-FAT vegetable plate.