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Homemade vs. Premade

Ann, I've done everything but stand on my head (in my wheelchair that
would make quite a sight!) and my former Albertsons wouldn't budge an
inch.  They just don't get it that the V in VLV stands for VERY.

But when concocting homemade burgers vs., say, Boca Vegan burgers, I can
buy them for under $1 each.  By the time I add some lettuce and tomatoes
on the side (never any kind of dressing anymore since I discovered that
so blasted many of the "fat free" contain oils) and some onion (no bun),
it's cheaper than anything I can make at home.

What does a fatburger cost nowadays?  $3, $4 or more?

I was in a restaurant that our local stroke group meets at and their
fatburgers were $6 and $7 each with the garbage that comes with it.

I'm really thinking of taking a Boca burger or two and my homemade salad
to the restaurant next time.

A STROKE GROUP and the're eating fat like there's no tomorrow.  Well,
for them maybe there isn't.

One guy has had (since I've joined that club) 5 strokes.  And he keeps
slurping down  the fat.  You'd think that after awhile the relationship
between his diet and his strokes would hit home...