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Re: Dixie catalog

>I know that there have been several posts regarding this catalogue. As all
>of you, I am very anxious to start trying things.  Is there anything that
>somebody wouldn't recommend? All of the products look so fantastic..I am
>wondering if they are too good to be true?  Please e-mail any and all
>Thank you
>Janna Middleton

HI...I recently tried a few things from the Dixie catalog for the first
time and was really happy with most.  The chicken (not) strips I've used in
the Sweet and Sour "Chicken" recipe they send out and it's really good.
I've made it twice now.  Also tried a "Meat" loaf (not) mix....and liked it
too...it made great sandwiches.  If anyone has used the Cheese (not) and
has some recipe ideas, would love to see them as my first try with that was
less than successful. It just didn't look appetizing at all........any

Overall though, what I've used has been very good.