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Rosemary's Lunch request

I work in an office with both fridge and microwave but not enough of either to 
handle the needs of the employees.  So, I bring in stuff that needs neither.  
Generally, I put a vegetable patty on a bagel that has been spread with 
hummus,  bring along some baby carrots, oranges, bananas and granola.  I have 
to watch it though since a bagel and patty combo with the dab of hummus can run 
close to 500 calories (100 for nonfat patty, 280 for the bagel and 50 for the 2 
Tb of hummus and factor in a little for natural variations in serving sizes) 
and 5 grams of fat - half of my daily allowance for fat and just under half for 
the calories.   I know this is probably not a great idea but I put the sandwich 
on top of my monitor in a bowl to get a little warmth while I am doing my 
lunchtime walk.
Also, if there is a hot water dispenser in the office for making tea, the Nole 
spice soups will usually reconstitute with that if left to sit for about twice 
the time as indicated on the label - which instructs you to boil the water in 
another container, supposing you have a microwave in order to do that.
  Pasta salad that tastes okay room temp works well - orzo and garbanzo with a 
vinegar and spice dressing and shredded carrots is one I make.