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Pressure Cooking Beans

On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, Ina Bechhoefer wrote:

> One reader mentioned that she uses a pressure cooker to cook beans without 
> presoaking.  I just got a new nonstick pressure cooker (Futura) because I 
> thought I would not have to add fat at the prepressure "sauteeing" stage. 
>  In any case, I was dismayed to  find that my instructions recommend adding 
> oil to prevent foaming when cooking beans.  Do members of the Fatfree list 
> just ignore these instructions? If so, are there potential problems I 
> should be alerted to?

I asked this same question last year when I got a pressure cooker as a 
shower gift (thanks, Sarah!).  The consensus was to leave it out but keep 
an eye on the beans.
When I cook beans in the pressure cooker, I usually cook them a little as 
sort of a presoak, change the water, and cook again.  When I have the lid 
off to change the water, I always check to make sure there aren't any 
bean skins blocking the air hole.
I think the only other precaution is to make sure you don't fill the 
cooker too full, but that's true with anything.
My pressure cooker instructions also strongly warn against cooking 
lentils in it, so I've never tried that.  Since lentils are so quick, I 
don't know why you would need to use the pressure cooker with them.

Good luck!

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill