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Whipped potatoes and technology in the kitchen

I haven't posted much lately, but I have been reading.   I just wanted to
answer the person who said the only way to eat mashed potatoes is to whip
them but good.

One night my husband (newly then) was trying to impress me and so made his
famous mashed potatoes.  He put them in front of me, I took one bite and
almost gagged right there.  They had been whipped!  Put in a beater bowl
and whipped.  The most disgusting thing I could imagine.  I just got a
chuckle when I read about whipping potatoes.  When I was a little girl my
mother taught me how to mash potatoes and each time she said "No matter
what you do,  never whip the potatoes in a mixer."  

He makes "whipped potatoes" when he is with our daughter for dinner
- she loves them.

I think I got even (unintentionally) when I served him my roasted garlic
mashed potatoes.  It was a lovely shade of green he wore when he put
that first bite in his mouth -:)

About tecnhology I *wish* I had the money for some really nice kitchen
equipment. What would I buy?  I would buy a KitchenAid heavy-duty mixer
and a very nice non-stick grill pan to start. Then, I would buy a
professional-quality blender.  Then, I would replace my non-stick T-Fal
pans that are losing their coating (they were a wedding present) with some
very high-quality non-stick pans. I probably wouldn't buy a bread machine
because the KitchenAid could do the kneading - I also have carpal tunnel
and my wrists ache after kneading too long, so my husband will often
relieve me. 

I make do with what I have, and I don't have the luxury of
debating whether I should or shouldn't.