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Pizza delivery isn't that bad :-)

Just order cheeseless pizza with all the *nonoily* veggie toppings.
(some places will have nonoily roasted peppers and artichoke
hearts, some don't, you have to ask until you get someone that
has actually worked in the kitchen and opened up the jars :-).

On the plus side, we were at Bertucci's this weekend and noticed
on the receipt that it explicitly printed out "small cheeseless pizza"
and gave me one veggie topping for free.  I would now eat there more
often if they had nonoily roasted veggies!  (PS to those of you that
haven't been to Bertucci's yet, stick to the fresh veggies there
and also request "no oil"... else they brush oil on when the pizza comes
out!  but their dough is great for restaurant pizza IMHO).  

Another suggestion, buy lots of pasta varieties & jarred NF sauce.  
We especially like fresh pasta so I buy and freeze it if we don't eat 
in a day or two.  Fresh raviolis or gnocchi cook up fast even frozen.
Have a bag of washed salad greens for when you're too tired to cook 
a vegetable, although steaming brocolli or frozen beans is pretty easy.  

It's cheaper than pizza delivery every night, although I'm lucky that
our Bertucci's delivers :-)

Aiko Pinkoski